Let’s talk school.

The Friday FolderEach school day, we get our children up, get them dressed, and ship them off to school.  Approximately 7 hours later, they show up back at our door.  What did they do during that time?  What really goes on in a school building?

To most parents, it’s a mystery.  Why?  Well, let’s examine our sources of information…

  1. Parent Information Nights.  I like to call these “The Sit-and-Get” meetings.  We sit (uncomfortably, squished into child-sized desks), and get vague information about the school year alongside 50 other parents who are trying to get comfortable in a room designed for 25 kids.  We listen to the teacher’s presentation, possibly ask a question, but leave none-the-wiser.  Let’s be honest, most teachers shine when talking to a group of students but sweat when talking to parents. It’s just not their thing.
  2. Our kids – Just kidding.
  3. Conferences.  Oh, those dreaded fifteen minutes twice per year.  The teacher flips through old papers to show us how our child has grown.  We bite our nails, fearful that we will learn that our child has been terrorizing the school.  The bell dings… conference over.
  4. Our own experiences as a student, tv shows, social media parent groups….  Just don’t.
  5. The weekly Friday Folder.  Insert eye roll here. Some might call it a “Take Home Folder” while more optimistic teachers may refer to it is a “Parent Communication Folder”.  Whatever you call it, it’s a fraud.  How is it that a flimsy two pocket folder is intended to serve as the main vessel of communication between home and school?  IF it makes it home at the end of the week, it’s often stuffed full of crumpled newsletters and outdated parent information.  At our house, The Friday Folder is just about as elusive as its friend, The Assignment Notebook.

It’s time to change all that.  Welcome to my version of The Friday Folder, where you can get accurate, insider information that you need to know help your child be successful at school.  As an educator and mother (check out the About Me page), I am keenly aware of information that parents NEED but never get.

Let’s do this!


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